January 4, 2018

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Founders of Prestige start negotiations on purchase of St. Barth - Future will be glorious   Archeologists decipher newly found...
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December 28, 2017


“I feel ashamed researching black holes my entire life, while Prestige Coins are the real achievement of the 21th century”...
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December 15, 2017


North Korean conflict resolution with peace treaty signed in the De-militarized Zone after exchange of Prestige Coins to Kim Jong-Un....
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December 11, 2017


“As of next year we will only accept Prestige Coins for purchases, it indeed is the future of money” J....
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December 3, 2017


“If you are poor, Prestige makes you rich. If you are rich, Prestige makes you iconic.” B. Gates ... “Greece...
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November 11, 2017

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Pope makes founders of Prestige Coins to saints after statement by M. Theresa about the healing effects of Prestige Coins.
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Know someone who could use some Prestige?



How Prestige works

What is Prestige Coin?

PRESTIGE is the only tokenized possibility to show and receive Prestige . Use it for social expressions or purchasing endeavors that only very few can afford.

Just imagine the following:


If you get the point 

Token Sale



Official Prestige Token Sale starts in:


Cool Timeline

November 1

Pre-sale started for the ones who can’t wait to receive their Prestige

Bonus 200%
December 8

Official Crowd Sale: Week #1: Get most prestige out of it!

Get your 100% bonus!  
December 15

Week #2: Get a little less but still a lot of prestige!

50% bonus
December 22

Week #3: Only little prestige left, get it now!

20% Bonus
December 29

Week #4: If you haven’t bought yet, this is the last chance for prestige in your life!

0.1% Bonus
January 5

Week #5: It’s over, all prestige has been allocated in the world. Watch others celebrating and living their prestige!

Watch others celebrating their Prestige!



Sale Venues

During the sale, PRE tokens will be offered:

Fund Raise Cap:  Max. ~80,000 ETH

Accepted purchase methods: ETH

Exchange rate: 100 PRE for 1 ETH

Native Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)


Initial Token Distribution

8 million PRE Tokens max; 40% of tokens already allocated to prestigious people/institutions, of which:

  • 30% to the Forbes 100 list of rich and powerful people
  • 2% to celebrities (e.g. Bilzerian, J. Bieber,…)
  • 2% to cities such as Monaco and St. Barth
  • 2% to Royal Families of the globe
  • 2% to tech Gurus (e.g. M. Zuckerberg, E. Musk)
  • and 1% to the Trump family as well as 1% to Kim Jung Un
  • And 60% in crowd sale to offer you the possibility of PRESTIGE

Want to join the league?



Project Roadmap

Market Research

May 1, 2017

Acquisition of first Prestige token holders

October 31, 2017

Official crowd sale to share Prestige

December 8, 2017

Purchase of Caribbean island for token holders

February 1, 2018

Purchase of yacht fleet

June 1, 2018

Yacht gathering of token holders on Caribbean island with 3-day Champagne only party

August 1, 2018

Wait to be astonished further

December 1, 2018


Find below a selection of one of the finest members on earth and naturally Prestige token holders


Ex-Mr. Universe and US governor: “I was addicted to sex but Prestige Coins are better”






Party prince of Royal family: „Although I don’t have to pay if I go out partying, I will leave some Prestige Coins for the crowd“




Creator of the seven kingdoms:

“A Lanister would have always paid his debt in Prestige Coins”