Frequently Asked Questions

Why Prestige Coin?

The desire and need for Prestige is scientifically proven! Professor Abraham Maslow’s well known hierarchy of needs, a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five tier model of human needs, shows that Prestige is inevitably required for your self-actualization.  So don’t hesitate to move up your personal pyramid of need with the help of Prestige Coins.







What is Prestige Coin?

PRESTIGE is the only tokenized possibility to show and receive Prestige . Use it for social expressions or purchasing endeavors that only very few can afford.

Why is Prestige based on the Ethereum Network?

In our opinion, the Ethereum Network will become the dominant crypto network across the globe and revolutionize the way banking is done in the future. Prestige being the most valuable cryptocurrency it consequently needs to be based on the most successful blockchain, being Ethereum.

Well, but what is the point of Prestige Coin?

Living the prestigious life is what everybody on earth is looking for, is it not? So make your dream come true and get the Prestige you deserve.

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How many Prestige Coins exist?

There are only a total of 8,000,000 Prestige Coins in existence, so you better be quick before you have to live a life without Prestige.

What’s in store for the future of Prestige Coins?

For Prestige Coins the options are endless. Be part of the community and be astonished by what is in there for you in the future.  Be sure about one thing: Buying Prestige Coins is just your first step in a new life. Using the words of one of our members: “it is going to be great, no kidding, the best life God ever created”.