Token Sale



Official Prestige Token Sale starts in:


Cool Timeline

November 1

Pre-sale started for the ones who can’t wait to receive their Prestige

Bonus 200%
December 8

Official Crowd Sale: Week #1: Get most prestige out of it!

Get your 100% bonus!  
December 15

Week #2: Get a little less but still a lot of prestige!

50% bonus
December 22

Week #3: Only little prestige left, get it now!

20% Bonus
December 29

Week #4: If you haven’t bought yet, this is the last chance for prestige in your life!

0.1% Bonus
January 5

Week #5: It’s over, all prestige has been allocated in the world. Watch others celebrating and living their prestige!

Watch others celebrating their Prestige!



Sale Venues

During the sale, PRE tokens will be offered:

Fund Raise Cap:  Max. ~80,000 ETH

Accepted purchase methods: ETH

Exchange rate: 100 PRE for 1 ETH

Native Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)


Initial Token Distribution

8 million PRE Tokens max; 40% of tokens already allocated to prestigious people/institutions, of which:

  • 30% to the Forbes 100 list of rich and powerful people
  • 2% to celebrities (e.g. Bilzerian, J. Bieber,…)
  • 2% to cities such as Monaco and St. Barth
  • 2% to Royal Families of the globe
  • 2% to tech Gurus (e.g. M. Zuckerberg, E. Musk)
  • and 1% to the Trump family as well as 1% to Kim Jung Un
  • And 60% in crowd sale to offer you the possibility of PRESTIGE

Want to join the league?